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Gym based or Freelance?


When it comes to being a personal trainer, going into a structured organisation like a gym is simple. You follow the rules that have been laid out for you. If you want to just “coast,” there are options you can take. If you want to be promoted in the company and work your way up, there are options for that too. Many trainers resort to working for an organisation because the career plan is so easily mapped out for them. Countless times I have seen hardworking, dedicated trainers steam through the doors of their new employer like men and women on a mission. They come in to their new job with fire in their eyes and a passion to work until they are at the top of the company. However, something happens to these trainers after the honeymoon period. For ambitious people it is the worst thing imaginable… they get comfortable. As they look around they recognise the ease of working in a gym – people are joining constantly which relieves trainers of the stress of finding new clients. But what happens to a personal trainer when the clients come to him or her, rather than the other way around? Does he or she lose ambition or opportunity for personal growth?


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